by Romi Lane

Catherine Montgomery discovers a world beyond her own yet within her own. Led by a younger woman who just started working in her office, she follows her into an adventure filled with the glory of new and inventive stimuli and the shock of ancient and insidious torture. Will her new epiphany allow her to manipulate these extreme sensations into euphoria? Her need to be with her newfound love will take her there regardless.


By Romi Lane

A sorority house full of young willing pledges eager to be accepted and a headmistress with a penchant for punishment is the recipe for a system to discover and winnow out nubile submissive masochists. But this scheme to recruit proves to be not nearly as dubious as the plot to prevent it from happening. They may still need to be cut and polished but even in the rough one can recognize precious gems.

Sitting at her desk, staring at the second hand of her mahogany mantle clock, she practiced breathing like Mandy had taught her.  Even though it was only twenty seconds before five o’clock, her instructions stated to leave at five and she would not leave even a second early.

Fondling the loose leather laces of the collar she had been given gave her hope.  It meant something, something stronger than a single disobedient act.

The faint chime startled her.  Her heart suddenly pounded.  She wiped her clammy hands, slipped the anklet into her purse, stood and very calmly left her office.

Her route was direct yet not hurried, ‘paced’ she told herself.  Cordial to everyone she passed, yet not ready to stop and chat with any of them.  Everything seemed so slow; the elevator stopped on every floor, the parking lot had a line to get out and traffic was at an absolute crawl, heavier than she’d ever remembered.

The huge neon sign was visible for miles.  As many times as she’d passed it, she never imagined herself stopping at ‘The Chalet-Adult Superstore’.  Driving around it to park had her realize how big the building was.  She would’ve never guessed and had to wonder what could possibly take up all of this space?  Even the walk to the front doors was lengthy.

After crossing the threshold, she stood at the entrance in awe.  The entire store was one big warehouse.  The entrance was several steps above the floor so she could look across the whole of it.  Rows upon rows of cloths, movies and magazines, entire rows dedicated to each fetish, advertising and displaying every possible sexual scenario…and it was surprisingly busy;  housewives, business exec’s, young punks and even old women, all buying the diverse merchandise available.

Taking the wide staircase down to the floor, she began to peruse each isle.  So much of what she saw was foreign to her.  She didn’t know what most of it was even for…unless it was displayed on one of the many mannequins, most of which made her blush, cringe or both.

Having covered half the store, the odds continually increased that she’d find her intention, and low and behold, there it was.  A complete display devoted solely to leather whips and paddles…